Welcome to Welia Health.

We have a new name!

We wanted a short name, a memorable name, one that’s easy to spell and say. Welia Health is all of these things.

But more than anything, we wanted a name that feels like us.

Welia Health includes the very things that define us, like welcome and wellness and well-being. We also wanted it to have a fresh feeling, reflecting the leading, innovative care that we’re known for. You shared that these are qualities that set us apart.

There’s another great thing about this name. Welia means “to see” in Gaelic (the source language of Irish and Scottish). As healthcare providers, our first job is to see, listen and understand—and the kind of insight that makes positive change possible. “See” is the cornerstone of all we do, and important to an organization always looking toward providing ever-better care.

So while our name has changed, the good things we stand for won’t.

Welcome to Welia Health.

Until our new site is live, please visit us at FirstLight.

We're celebrating

September 24

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 24, from 5:00—7:00 PM in Mora. We’ll be celebrating our new name and our new building—and we’d love to celebrate this new era in healthcare with you.

Why the name change?

Why did we change our name to Welia Health? When a national company began operations in Minnesota with a similar name to FirstLight Health System, we were left with a hard choice. After weighing our options, the answer became clear. We chose to start fresh, and worked to find a name and an online space that could be completely ours.

We were fortunate that the timing of the name change could happen with the completion of our new campus in Mora. We could, very literally, put a new sign atop of our new building, and signal a new era as Welia Health.